Cell Tower Rental Rates & How To "REALLY" Calculate Them! (2023)


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When determining cell tower rental rates you need to compare apples to apples.There is a difference between rooftop carrier cell site lease rental rates, cell tower rental values of a direct carrier tower lease, and the cell tower lease that is between a property owner and a cell tower developer.

1. Rooftop cell site rental values with carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile on building rooftops can vary greatly from $1,000 monthly on new cell sites to in excess of $7,000 monthly on mature cell sites leases.

2. Direct cell tower leases with DISH Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile Sprint, U.S. Cellular and AT&T can range anywhere from $500 monthly on the low end to $4,000++ monthly to start on new cell towers.The vast majority, approximately 80% of cell towers in the USA that were developed by carriers are now owned or managed by four tower management companies, American Tower, Crown Castle, Vertical Bridge and SBA Communications.

3. Cell tower rental rates for new cell towers being proposed by cell tower developers will usually offer property owners $300 to $800 per month.

While you need to compare “apples to apples” when valuing a cell tower rental rate, it’s important to also get the other components of the lease right. For example, the difference in cell tower rental revenues of a direct carrier lease that a landlord signs at a rent rate of $2,000 per month at 2% yearly increases vs. a cell tower rental rate of $2,000 at 3% yearly increases is significant:

* $2,000 per month with 2% yearly rental increases = $768,711 in cell tower rental income at the end of the 25-year term.

* $2,000/ year @ 3% yearly = $900,732 in cell tower rental income at end of the 25-year term, a  difference of $132,021.

The point is, you can have a great cell tower lease rate and still leave a lot of money on the table if you don’t know what you are doing, and don't have a good understanding of the leverage that you do or do not have when facing down the wireless Goliaths.

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Hey, youtube, it's, steve, with tire genius coming to you from fort wall.

Beach Florida, every year tower genius gets hundreds of requests from property owners and landlords who are trying to figure out if the cell tower proposals that they receive are fair offers or not either from offers receive either directly from a carrier for a new cell tower to be built on their property, or from a cell tower developer looking to put up a cell site on their land.

We often get contacted by building owners that have an existing rooftop cell site or again, carriers look at the place antennas on the roof.

These are not apples to apples comparison.

So you can't just give a blanket range for what a cell site is worth in Texas or in Florida or New Jersey because not all offers are alike if you're contacted by a developer, for example, the developer is going to have their name on the lease as the lessee.

They are the actual company that you're signing the lease with and Verizon or AT&T or Sprint, or t-mobile will become their tenant.

And those carriers will pay the developer.

And the developer will pay you out of those proceeds.

So if a developer is only going to get $2,000 a month from Verizon or t-mobile you're, not going to get a monthly rental of 2,200 just doesn't work out mathematically so general rule of thumb, if you're out in the countryside out in a rural area, most likely your initial offers are going to be somewhere between 300 and 600 dollars a month with seven and a half percent increases every five years, which is below the rate of inflation, no opportunity to co-locate or sublease and a lot of times these.

These representatives are going to try to get deals anywhere with the 42 99 year term.

So these are really bad deals.

You want to avoid them and obviously get get get a better offer.

Now a carrier proposal is a different story.

You'll generally, get a better direct a better offer from a carrier and they'll tell you, you know that they can't do a lot of the that that we know they do because that's that's the way their program.

So again, if you're trying to figure out well, what is the value of this tower? Lease behind me? Well, I'm looking at it from a camera, but let's see here, there's a bunch of parabolic antennas there, a few carriers it looks like, you know, we would have to see exactly who the tenants are on this site.

There are multiple.

It looks like they're.

Obviously using this as a repeater site, they're connecting with backhaul to other towers.

This is this is a pretty big tower here in town.

So it communicates with other sites as well.

And again, once these sites are tied into fiber.

It really kind of eliminates.

The need for this big dish is on the site, what's, the value of a cell tower.


You know, if you're looking at a tower like this that's owned by crown castle or sba communications or American Tower, you know, the the property owner, the landlord could be getting anywhere from, you know, six hundred dollars a month up to eighteen thousand dollars a month and I've seen crown.

Castle leases and American Tower leases SBA leases where they just negotiate a very good deal.

And they were getting a percentage of the revenue and those towers were loaded.

So you know, those are obviously the exception, but you can't see those, especially on municipal II of municipal properties or utility company.

Owned properties.

Electric companies.

Water water districts will have the ability to negotiate much better terms because we're, also these guys going to put their towers.

So you know, one of the one of the things that we help property owners do they out the value that we can add that can really benefit them is figure out how much leverage they actually have the deal to negotiate and obtain obtain favorable terms.

So if you have any questions about cell tower, lease rates give us a call at eight eight, eight, three, one, three, nine, seven, five zero.


How much can you make off a cell phone tower? ›

The cell tower lease can pay a property owner anywhere from $100 per month to over $5,000 per month.

How accurate is cell tower triangulation? ›

In rural areas tracking accuracy can vary from 0.25 mile to several miles, depending upon how many obstacles could be blocking the tower's signal.

How much does a cell phone tower affect property value? ›

The results of the research show that prices of properties decreased by just over 2%, on average, after a tower was built. This effect generally diminished with distance from the tower and was almost negligible after about 656 feet.

What is a safe distance from a 5G cell tower? ›

After the 150-meter mark, RF energy gets weaker. The distance needed to reduce exposures down to the General Public Precautionary Level of 100 microwatts per meter squared (μW/m²) is often around a quarter of a mile (1320 feet or 400 meters) or more.

How much do cell phone tower climbers make per climb? ›

Tower climbers' hourly rates in the US typically range between $13 and $28 an hour. Tower climbers earn the highest salaries in California (52,660), Alaska (51,031), and Washington (44,428).

Are cell towers a good investment? ›

Cell towers are a great investment, but there are a few cons to consider. For a landowner, long term lease agreements (25+ years) and property easements may impact the future development potential on the property.

What are the disadvantages of having cell tower on your property? ›

Property Value

As previously mentioned, the overall property value may have the potential to decrease with a cell tower. That is because a potential buyer may not like the aesthetics of it, or maybe the lease prevents them from developing the property the way they want in the future.

What is the value of a cell tower? ›

The average cost to build a cell tower is about $175,000, but the cell tower lease can add $600,000 to $1 million or more in value to the property. There are some disadvantages from cell tower leases for some property owners.

What are the negatives of cell towers? ›

At the top of their list is a concern that adults and children living, working or attending day care near the wireless facility may be at increased risk for cancer or other health issues. Concerns about radio frequency exposure cannot be addressed at the local level.

How far should you live from cell phone tower? ›

In general, distances greater than 25 feet from the radiating beam of an antenna are far enough to prevent exposure to RF radiation exceeding safety standards.

How far can a cell tower broadcast? ›

What's interesting is that a cell tower will sometimes have their transmitter seat to a lower power on purpose to ensure it doesn't interfere with neighboring cells. But even with all of those factors, the typical cell tower can provide service up to 45 miles away.

How do you know if you live near a 5G tower? ›

To find 5G towers near you, the best location resource currently is the CellMapper application. Under “Provider” select your wireless carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) and then, under “Network” select 5G – NR, which stands for 5G New Radio.

How much do people get paid to change cell phone tower lights? ›

What is The Pay of Tower Climber. Entry-level tower climbers with less than a year of experience often average $17 per hour on their role with under one year of experience. For those with more experience than that, they can expect to earn around $19 per hour.

How much does it cost to build a phone tower? ›

On average, the total cost to build a cell tower in the United States is $250,000, while in Western Europe it is $135,000, and in Latin America it is $110,000. Cell tower build costs can vary significantly depending on the site location and terrain, as well as the type and height of the tower.

How many phones can a cell tower support? ›

An average cellular tower allows about 30 simultaneous users for voice calls and 60 for 4G data.

How do telecom towers make money? ›

The towers are typically owned and operated by dedicated companies. These companies generate income primarily through leasing shared tower space to telecommunications providers, such as Verizon and Vodafone. This makes the tower companies effectively an owner of a difficult-to-replicate asset.


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